We assist attorneys in generating exclusive live calls, form submissions, and helping you convert these leads through marketing automation, and intelligent tracking.

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We produce live calls that convert and brands that are worth building. From complete website rebuilds and new designs, to custom CRM dashboards for lead management we have you covered. We provide the best in class tracking and lead generation techniques to grow your law firm and sign new engagement letters.



If you have a cell phone, go ahead and give this form a try. 

We build smart forms that track submissions, route prospect data to CRM systems, and instantaneously allow you to call back your prospect in real time. Route your leads to your attorneys, or send the information to your cell phone as a text message to keep track of marketing campaigns.

Try Me With A Cell Phone

Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers

Landing Pages

We design custom landing pages that convert into new leads, and we continually work these pages with conversion rate optimization.

Web Development

A new website needs to convey trust immediately. We build sites that grow legal brands into authorities in their area.

Paid Marketing

Paid ads are an amazing and powerful tool for law firms. When done right, these ads build brands and bring in lucrative cases.


We track your law firm marketing so you know what is working and what needs to be adjusted. We turn you into marketing experts.

Increased Retainers

When you combine new landing pages, paid ads, lead nurturing, and marketing automation, you can expect new retainers weekly.

Lead Nurturing

One of the cornerstones to our service. We provide automations that follow up with leads, reminds then, and guides to book with you.

We Track Your Law Firm Marketing

Attorneys are usually kept in the dark when it comes to tracking their marketing. You are either sold a paid per lead campaign and over paying for your leads, or you just don’t know if your marketing investment is working. When you work with us, we provide custom reports for key metrics that are targeted for your firm. We educate you and your team on what it is working, where we need to improve, and more importantly why.  

Paid Campaign Tracking

Law Firm Case Study

five star rating

Equity Legal LLP

Reply Media has been pivotal in helping us overcome a bad design, terrible SEO, and helped us get back on track. They were very responsive at every step of the way, and started delivering more leads than we knew what to do with. It's been our greatest investment to work with them.
five star rating

What We Did

Equity Legal LLP, are San Diego Real Estate Lawyers who practice with an emphasis on business transactions and litigation. When they came to us, they had a website that had zero visibility in the search engines, and as a result, their brand was no where to be found. To turn things around, we implemented the following: 

Return On Ad Spend

For Every $1 Spent, $16 Was Returned

In less than 45 days, Equity Legal LLP, generated over 112 phone calls and 48 form submissions, with a return on ad spend of over 1600% This means that for every $1.00 spent on marketing, Equity Legal LLP received $16.00 in return as revenue to their firm.

Phone Calls
Form Submissions
Return On Ad Spend

Custom CRM Dashboard

Part of our process is to build tools and systems that help you close on new retainers. With Equity Legal LLP, we had their phone ringing so much that we had to build out a deal pipeline so that their legal team could track each lead that came through.

Custom Lead Tracking Dashboard

Phone Calls Generated

Form Submissions

What clients say

The team at Reply Media is top notch. They completely added tremendous value to our bottom line, our systems, and increased our sales with new lead generation techniques. I would definitely recommend them.
Luiey Haddad
Luiey Haddad
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